Restaurant & Pub

Brew Selection


Heineken, Netherlands$4.00
Newcastle Brown Ale, Endland$4.00
Murphy's Irish Sout (16 oz) Ireland$5.00
Warsteiner Premium Dunkel, Germany$4.00
Corona, Mexico$3.50
Foster, Canada$4.00

Hand Crafted

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale$4.00
Sierra Nevada Porter$4.00
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis$4.00
Dundees Brown Lager$4.00


Michelob Amber$3.50
Michelob  Ultra$3.50
Killians Red$3.50


Bud Light $3.00
Busch Light$3.00
Coors Light$3.00
Miller Light$3.00

Prices and menu are subject to change.